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All Skin Care Equipment Sold For Professional Use Only
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  • Skin Care & Day Spa Equipment Supplies
  • Skin Care & Day Spa Equipment Supplies - Compressed Sponges
  • Ionto X-Dream Skin Care Massage & Electric Spa Bed
  • The Ultimate Skin Care & Massage Electric Spa Bed
  • Combinal Facial Hair Tint & Dye
  • Clean + Easy Pot Wax Starter Kit

Kosmet Incorporated has been a leader in the distribution of supplies and equipment to the day spa, skin care, massage, beauty, and esthetics industries for over 30 years. Our relationship with a vendor should not be at the expense of our loyalty to you. We are able to achieve this by bringing in an array of facial equipment and supplies from competing vendors to provide options that will fit your skin care, massage, and day spa business needs no matter the budget.

We have brought in high frequency, galvanic, facial brushing, vacuum spray, microdermabrasion, LED Therapy, magnifying lamps, beds, trolleys, steamers, and towel warmers from leading European manufacturers such as Ionto-Comed from Germany, Sorisa from Spain, Holo-Electron From Spain, Luxo From Norway as well as very well made and cost effective from other manufacturers. Our supplies for skin care, body treatment, waxing and eyelash extensions come from some of the finest maufacturers in the industry such as Clean+Easy, GiGi, L'orbette, Depileve, Kalos, Therabath, Refectocil, Combinal, Ardell, Spa Essentials, Intrinsics, Tweezex, Ultronics and Busch.