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All Skin Care Equipment Sold For Professional Use Only
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About Kosmet Inc.

Kosmet, Inc.

Our Philosophy

Our relationship with a vendor should not be at the expense of our loyalty to you, our customers.

Our Mission

To maintain as many competing vendors as possible in order to provide the best options for you and so that our loyalty to you is never jeopardized

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Dear Customer,

Based on the increased demand during the last two years, we are very upbeat about the economy in general and our industry in particular. We are also very excited about all the new products being introduced in this year’s catalog; they are innovative , economical and very functional. One in particular – The Aqu-A-Brasion is a real breakthrough in liquid Micro-dermabrasion. The electric beds offer ultimate comfort, address your ergonomic needs and budget. You will find many, many new exciting products in Facial Hair Dyes, Wax and supplies.

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General Manager
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